I'm kind of curious about people's thoughts on only fans, I was rereading the misandry bubble and it got me thinking. Porn overall isn't necessarily bad for us since most men will flock to it as easy comfort, leaving more women available. But only fans is different in that now even fairly lazy women can more than support themselves and their lavish lifestyles based on onlyfans income.

Of course, this is assuming they manage their money well. But for the ones who are making 6figs plus now they don't need as much resources from men, and expect an even higher standard, especially with increased validation. On the other hand I'm sure a lot of these women aren't thinking about the future when they get old and their subs slow and now no man will marry them.

Will it be a net negative or positive to Men, and when I say Men I mean Red Pilled ones? I've already seen the negative effects on the majority.