Came across this guy that was getting hammered by a girl very near to my home. Her tone was really aggressive. She's telling him stuff like "it's none of your business" and giving him a talking to, while he is completely in her frame, listening, looking bleak. She is making fun of him and doing that passive aggressive laugh/smile. Then she tells him to bounce. Bro started following her, walking behind her as she was going into her apartment building. She told him to leave again. He just stood there for a while, in front of her apartment building, looking at his phone (probably trying to text her or whatever)

I think he should have left her and walked away AS SOON as she caught an attitude. I believe that there was definitely plenty of disrespect prior to this situation. It starts small, then gets bigger and bigger.

How would you react in a similar situation?

You can't get aggressive, she'll just shout and claim abuse. And if you take the disrespect once, you'll get it plenty more. It's a lose-lose situation.

Just walk away and ghost?

What are your thoughts?