23M, For the past month, but especially the past two weeks, my libido has been shit. Just drained. I feel absolutely no sexual pull. Let me give you some background.

It started a month ago being on and off when I went on my first two work trips and moved into a new apartment all in 12 days. It hasn't been the same since. This is a different issue from my previous post which has been since resolved. I always get 8-9 hours of sleep a night. I lift hard 3-5 days a week, and run once a week about. I just started taking zinc and Vitamin D. Perhaps I don't get enough fats now that my mom isn't cooking my dinner and that I'm basically living off chicken, veggies, and rice, and pasta?

I used to get hard-ons when I would even get very flirty with a girl. I made out with a girl for a bit last night and didn't even get hard. I know it is not a nerves issue this time around. Just not even turned on.

No clue what's up. If you've all been in this situation, or know what can fix it let me know. Thanks.