"Pull" as in push/pull.

I'm an asshole (in a bad way), and I push and neg people from a place of insecurity that ends up repulsing them. I've got a lot of internal negativity that makes it hard for me to loosen up with people, men and women alike, and just be cool.

How does one practice being warm and open with others, effectively pulling them in?

Update: Today I practiced my "beta traits", as Gilles put it; allowing myself to be vulnerable, which is usually hard for me because it feels like weakness. I allowed myself to submit to other people, to their desire for me to like them and be amicable, and practiced some of what mattyanon mentioned: smiling, complimenting, and a bit of self-depricating humor. I had success, as my coworkers were more friendly towards me and we were more conversational.

People want to like you, so be likeable.

Thanks for the advice fellas.