So I approached a handful of chicks the past few days. Yesterday was like 3 and the day before was 5. I know that’s not a lot, but I’m getting a feel for cold approaching on campus when chicks are walking to and from places.

The problem is, my college is super antisocial on campus unless people know each other in their own little social circle. The girls I approach are always startled and visibly uncomfortable because god forbid someone come up and talk to them. Some of them even told me that I was the first dude ever to approach them in public and ask them out. I’ve been very ballsy but my opener is always “hi” and “whats your name? Do you live on this campus?” And I ask them what they do and what not. A lot of girls told me that they’re too busy or have a boyfriend. One girl even gave me her number and when I texted her, I gave her my full name because she wanted the contact info. I asked her if she wanted to hang out next week and she didn’t get back to me at all. Maybe she’ll report me. I didn’t harass her but idk.

Then the chick I met up with last night told me that it wasn’t a date and I got kind of mad and simply left to go get drunk. I was down bad. I definitely should have stayed friends with her at least for the social proof. I even asked my roommates about picking up chicks and they all said that people are weirdos around here and no one really talks to anyone outside their social circle. I’m thinking maybe my game sucks dick or I’m ugly. Maybe I should just stick to bars. I don’t really know what to say to chicks when I approach them and I read their body language and a lot of them act like a deer in headlights. Maybe I should join a club too.

I feel terrible. My confidence is low but I’m still pushing forward. Every time I go up to a chick, I’m 70% positive I’ll get rejected and I’m wasting my time. Any advice is appreciated.