I just started traveling for work and went out alone to a local college bar on a Wednesday . First night went really well, quickly made friends with guy next to me. Chatted up a couple girls, wouldve probably closed at least one but her friend was being obnoxious like intolerable.

Anyways two girls approach me at the bar we chat, theyre friendly introduce me to all their friends, we chat, hang and move bars. I meet the bartender. But Can’t close bad logistics but exchange numbers and they invite me out next night. Good night.

Next night not so good, I arrive quickly meet guy I met from last night he buys me drinks. I see the same girls and chill for a bit, but im not sure if I can close, so I decide to approach other girls. It was just one of those nights blown out left and right, couldn’t even get a 2min convo going.Im also talking to guys as well which goes better. I approach this one girl by herself and completely get blown out and I look to my left and the original girls I met are sitting right there, facepalm. They obviously see and Start whispering. End of night comes and this girl who was originally down to hang says No she saw me get rejected by all those girls or no girl wants me, something like that. (Which was funny bc I madeout with her friend 5mins before, she didn’t know bc the girl had to leave to take care of her drunk friend.)

How do you approach without other girls seeing you get rejected or how do I respond, it caught me off guard. , I feel like this is also why I was having bad results because other girls saw and it was like a domino effect. Also Im eventually gonna see these girls again how do I play it?

Sorry for bad grammar writing while otw to the airport.