While walking to the cashier to buy some stuff from a sports equipment store, an attractive girl was walking opposite me entering the store, and with her, the monster, the ugly friend. The ugly friend had pimples, pale skin, weird body composition. She is fucked.

As I’m waiting in the checkout line, they show up again and join at the back of the line. I buy my stuff and leave.

As I am walking outside, I say to myself that I should approach the attractive looking girl. I wait for a couple minutes outside the store as it was their turn checking out. As they come out, the attractive girl was ahead of the ugly friend.

I open asking her about what she had gotten/bought. She then has this blank/puzzled look on her face. That first initial reaction you get when approaching/chatting up a girl. She smiles as she is telling me “I don’t speak English”(lie or excuse if they are unconfident in their English) Her friend comes, and the ugly bitch understands everything I’m saying, but speaking as little as possible, not trying to help with communication. I banter with them for a moment then they start walking away as we were going nowhere with ugly bitch being unhelpful.

I walk away, the attractive one chuckled as my back was facing her. I was about to mock her chuckle sarcastically loudly, but I held myself from doing so. They start walking in my direction to my side, I am steady teasing and genuinely having fun with myself, asking the attractive one what languages does she speak then. The ugly one kept steady cockblocking and was moving jealous as hell. Attractive one made a comment in Turkish I didn’t fully understand, but the tone was something that communicated “offff I’m suffering from my attractiveness”. I walk away AGAIN to take the escalator. I hear a “bye”, probably from the attractive one. They turn around and follow me AGAIN. I saw them coming down. I stop to tie my shoes(that never un-tie as I double tie them), they catch up to me. I say “wtf, are you following me?” In a teasing manner obviously. The cockblock translates. I say if they keep following me I’m going to call security. And then I said the word “security” in Turkish as I knew it. Cockblock made fun of my pronunciation.

Finally, I go down another escalator, and they continue walking to my right.

I’m the type of guy that would, if was put in the same situation again, shit on the cockblock and playfully call her out on being jealous and ugly. I’m not trying to hear advice on how I should be giving the ugly chick attention as well. Ugly friend was jealous from the get-go. She didn’t even give a chance to herself to be included in the interaction, even though she was given the chance when offered the opportunity to translate as she spoke and understood everything I said.

In my history of cold approaching, 90% of the time I tend to approach girls by themselves and the times I approached girls with a friend, who was always a girl, half the time the girl would take a step away and give her friend and I some space. The other half, they would cockblock me.

Tell me your advice and feedback.