I have this weird thing, sometimes it's easier for me to approach a girl that didn't give me eye contact, or better girls who gave me eye contact whith a smiling facem which happened this saturday, she noticed i was looking at her and had a smiling face, once i approach her reaction was like "i knew you were gonna do it" and was very positive and not bitchy

now there's another petite girl with tattooes i didn't approach, this girl looked at me in several occasions, in the cue outside, while buying drinks, but she was not smiling and i felt approach anxiety and didnt approach

i don't don't whats going on, she wasent smiling but hadn't a bitchy face either, it's not not be super smily and upbeat every weekend

the truth is i'm a pussy in this case because i'm scared if i approach her she will think something like "i knew this dork would approach just because i looked at him", this dosent happened with girls smiling

what do you think?