I have to admit i had so much fun in june going to the club with this drug dealer friends who drinks a lot, i had 2 cocktails and it was wild fun, also approached girl and ended up getting the 17yo smoking hot girl number i talked about in another thread

I have bipolar disorder and take meds, now I'm dealing with the rebound effect of alcohol, depression and suicide thoughts

I can't drink but i still want to get that kind of fun you can't get sober, tried 3g phenibut and didn't work

In europe weed is illegal, edibles are illegal, i can buy a joint in the street but it makes feel like shit, no high just weak knees and vomit

I'm trying to find some good weed to vape whitout tobacco, vaping doesn't create the harmful chemicals of combustion, i also avoid tobacco which doesn't mix well with bipolar brain

I have some anxiety for tonight, i don't know if i will find my friend and if i will be able to approach