Obviously there are many cases of older women, older single mothers and younger men having a succesful relationship all throughout wedding and end. I'm not saying this is ever impossible but I would sometimes come across older women, including single moms who would think that a long-term, marriage type of relationship would fruition forever after with a younger man. Recently had to console a close friend, but I mean, the facts are all there, she's 30s, he's 20s.

What did she expect?? Especially with single mothers, unless she's purposely fine tuning and targeting men who will be able to provide for them, be around their age and even have children of his own, I don't quite see the point of the drama some women are doing in the dating scene. Yes, there are single mothers who know what the gig is, and some are even so open and lax, you'd be lucky to bump into one who knows it may just all be about sex, plus side here is that they can be too busy for an actual relationship since they're mothers. But some just don't see this, and I don't quite get it.

Dating or getting with older women, older single mothers, can be great but some want more than just strings attached. They should just be better off dating men in similar situations. But this is also kind of a sad fact for most of them, more so if you happen to get caught in the crossfires. But some can make it work and are fine with becoming a stepfather, she'd have to be super attractive or be some sort of almighty sugar mama as most young men struggle financially