So a girl I was 'friends' with was fresh out of a relationship and coming onto me really hard. She let me come over and smash and she was talking about how much she wanted me all the time. When I look back on what happened it was a typical AF BB story, I was the AF and some other guy I know of but I've never talked to him was trying to get her as well but obviously I was the one getting the action. Shed go on with relationship-like talk sometimes and it was clear this plate had a hard expiry date if I didn't promote her up fast. I fucked up so bad by making her think I didn't value her that much and then she changed and went with this other dude and got into a BF GF thing real fast.

It's been a few weeks and she contacted me a couple times just with a bit of small talk at first but she's been quite silent ever since I wasn't responding as much. I dodged the whole friendship thing and now I'm not sure what to do because I wouldn't mind being 'friends' since we were before we hooked up but I don't know how to manage it and whether I should message her first since shes gone silent now. Felt shit how fast she switched from me when she thought I wasn't a boyfriend prospect anymore, wouldve liked to get to know her better but she started acting up toward the end and I stopped trying to pull her back since I didn't want to lose frame.