I've gone out quite a bit the last and and this is what I saw. Dudes who are roughly 6'-6'1 that don't gym are paired with some of the hottest women. For example:

6' guy (doesn't gym) is with this hb8 who's got a great ass and face. She's also got arm and leg tats with pigtail braids the night I saw her, basically that kind of party girl. He looked 30, her late 20s.

Chubby and soft 6'1 blonde dude is coupled with this hb7.5 blonde that's got a great face. Both look around 24. I'm less certain about this one, but even a shorter 5'8 dude in a cowboy hat was with a cowgirl. Both looked 23.

These dudes are scoring way higher than what their own SMV should attract. Of course I see more hot men with hot women than average men, but it makes you wonder. Do they have money, or is their game next level?