I am 24 and I am interested/approaching girls that are 21-25, I cannot lower my brain to even open my mouth to a 18-19 yr old trash bag that has shit instead of a brain.

I have a lot of hobbies 'cause I make bank and live on my own since 21. Everyone is boring man. I feel like there was not a generation in history that was as boring as the retarded and lazy zoomers.

You cannot even make friends when you are high value or have a fucking social life with other people, because everyone envies you and is afraid of competition, specially other men. And people high-value people are very, very hard to find in my generation. If I'm shooting higher the age gap, stereotypes of age become the norm.

Gen Z girls are really, really sad man. Like totally depressed. And you can see this in every interaction. They are either dumb, DUMB as fuck, literally, or they are severly depressed and anti-social. Not to mention the fucking princess farts that 4's and 5's give to themselves, acting and having this mantra all around them of a fucking 9.5 Naomi Campbell model.

I usually pull 8's in the club, but with incredible high-effort. Not because I am unattractive, but they seem dead. Robots, dead people. In the club everyone is standing on their phones, few people dance, everyone is sad. And this is everywhere I go, in every club, and I live in a big ass european city.

I get more choosing signals and can eaaaaasily pull millenial chicks in their mid to late 20s and hot spinsters in their 30's than 10 Gen Z girls combined.

This is getting me depressed, because I do not want to give such a horendous effort for a shitty ass marketplace like Gen Z. I live in eastern Europe and I'm thinking going to the West, like Spain, Netherlands for fun and youthful nightlife and society.

What is the problem here? Am I crazy? Am I the only one who sees the faggotry, laziness and plain stupidity of Gen Z? Both boys and girls.