I've read multiple posts about this over the years, even from endorsed contributors. Can't help but wonder just how common this really is, though?

Saw this girl a couple of times over the span of a month. Day before our next 'meeting', she blows me off with a text about how she was apparently in the early stage of dating some guy and no longer comfortable seeing me on the side. I responded with something along the lines of 'that's fine, you shouldn't do anything you're not comfortable with' and that was that. Day before this guy took her to the spa lmao, I'm guessing it was probably their 2nd date. (She told me earlier that week she couldn't see me said evening, because she was going to the spa, I added 1 and 1 together).

I'm just wondering if I fucked up somewhere or if she just deviated from the 'girls just want to have fun' mode to 'girl wants comfort' mode. Don't think I fucked up somewhere, like doing needy beta shit & I'm on top of my game/life atm. Maybe I overplayed the AF, she figured there was 0% chance of something more serious & decided that instead she'd rather have something more steady and closer by (I live 40min away and see her like once every 10 days).

Main thing that is fucking me up is that I don't (completely?) understand why she'd ditch me, since I estimate an extremely low likelihood of said other guy having equal or higher SMV. But I guess that sometimes it's possible to commit no mistake and still lose... Maybe that's just cope tho