Met on Hinge talked for a bit and interest was high went for a picnic in the park. She was talking about not wanting to rush things pre date and not to feel her bum on the date. Of course ignore and escalate she was loving it.

Seems like a nice girl 5 years younger than me (i am 30). Good shape and good fitness routine but ex chubby though so there is that. Wanted to plate to FWB whilst vetting. My last proper dating last year i messed up

She was feeling me and saw i was desired and asked for exclusivity like a month in. This was because she wanted to see me all the time and i agreed reneging on my no dates during the week rule SA survivor, was going well then just flipped and stopped having sex ( still sucked and swallowed me) but meeting a girl early on with no sex is a mistake ( thats why i dont like mdiweek dates also aswell as messing up my work, lifting and sleep schedule.

Anwyay back to this chick some red and green flags

Green Cooks Cleans Good personality Able to listen and follow good looks good body high sex drive likes sports Already into me but this may be red too

Red flags Met on a dating app i have a feeling she has high body count, any girl that says something like " i want to wait or work for this" paraphrasing. sets alarm bells in my head, good girls dont need to say this and they say it because they havent stories of past dating that basicall allude to my suspicions very into me and i look at randoms but i thought sometimes she was looking at guys

Some others. Will plate but wont do more than that. Dont want to make the same mistake but just wondering if this situation can ever be resolved because of her ability to be molded and that or just keep fucking