Hello brothers. I don’t know if they’re called baptists, but the guys whose “church” looks like an AA meeting room and they have motivational speeches, hold hands, sing together and are pretty big on indoctrination - a very sect-like vibe to those who were raised catholic, orthodox or Anglican etc. My distant relative got into this; she has a boyfriend from that church of theirs and while he does seem like a nice enough guy, I get the feeling that he and his kind use this sort of thing to get into girls’ panties. She introduced me to some of her good-looking female friends from that church and I wonder whether I should even bother, since I’m not sure they put out. I do know most of these girls have had a troubled past and are definitely not virgins. I also hope this doesn’t end in a train wreck and I hope I don’t have to bash someone’s head in like Brad Pitt does to that cult in the recent Tarantino movie.