Ok, so I had a post where I mentioned I helped this friend of mine cold approach some women. Idk how to link, but that shouldn't matter too much. He knows that I've been cold approaching and meeting women on campus and how I'm going to bars and clubs more often now the semester is over. Before we ended the semester, he mentioned to me that he needed a "wingman" when he goes out and I think he sees me as the man to do that.

Problem is, this guy is a bit of a psycho. He's a serious loose cannon and gets into all kinds of fights. Idk what to do but something is rubbing me the wrong way. One part of me wouldn't mind having a buddy to talk to at bars and shit, but another feels that he may want to leach women off me.

Is this right thinking? Or should I help a friend out?

Edit: I remember and took all of your advice to never cold approach with him again, so thats said and done. I think this is different than cold approaching campus chicks, but I COULD be wrong. Thanks guys.