So i swallowed this pill. Lifted, got in OK shape, bought a house, a car, i have 2 degrees and making the 3rd. Mid-Class salary, super-stable job (=easy bank credit + it's easier to be killed than to be fired). Straightened and whitened my teeth. Shaved the receding hair. All this happened in the spam of 2 years. Know that i came from fat and and 10 years unnemployed. . 6ft tall, 32 years old. . After TEN YEARS in a DRYSPELL OF CASH AND GIRLS, i'm seeing the hottest and colest girl in the place, no joke. The girl is HOT. And cool, family girl, living with them, reads hard books, engineer, in fantastic shape, no kids, hard worker. I went there with no expectations and it happened she was also interested. Funny enough she said out loud she likes my "teeth, height, tattoos, athletic shape, beard, rought man face", etc, everything i "built" after learning about RP. . Yet after we went out more, it's like her pussy dried. No more "fuck me" eyes, more like "besties" eyes. Know that we kissed and walk around but no sex. And my house is being built, so i'm waiting living in my mother's, this fucks logistics. So i was "ok, i didn't expect that to work but i did something right, let's spread the seed, at least i'l spread the needness". I went on Tinder and Bumble and 0 matches. I paid the app, some match here and there from some fat girls. Know that i paid $1000 for a bunch of pictures in touristic places. . So 1) wtf is going on 2) How do i proceed with this girl, she has been ultra flaky lately. 3) Although i tought i got better in physical appearence, cleary OLD has crazy standards. What do i do about this?