Background: 27 year old Gringo in Brazil. Ive been here for almost 2 weeks.

I have a natural Chad appearance since a teenager (jock w/ pretty boy face). I enhanced it even further by doing my first steroid cycle and getting two tattoo sleeves. I can rack up lots of IOI's in my daily life like walking to the store for example. Add on top of that Im an American gringo in Brazil, which adds already like +2 points to my SMV.

Basically Im not humblebragging, im here to say that im a polished product in the sexual market. My only issue is putting myself out there. This is where the problem lies:

Every day i work 8 hours, hit the gym, eat 5000 calories to maintain my muscle from my steroid cycle (im 210 pounds solid on a 5'10 frame). I have the body type of a rugby player or football player. A lot of social events usually start at 7-8pm. Because of that I do tend to work in the morning and during the day and find a way to go to the gym in between.

My problem is that once 7-8pm rolls around I am fucking TIRED. I take so many caffeine pills and sometimes it just doesnt work at all. I generally use this as an excuse because if i do show up really tired ill just be really passive conversationally and checked out. Normally im extraverted and outgoing. So when this happens i just dont go out. Like I just become low energy and i wont have the urge to approach women generally at this point. I just start thinking about laying down in bed and relaxing

Sometimes i feel fucking great at 7pm and super sharp and go out and have a great time. But i have noticed that recently about 50-75% of the time im tired and opt out.

Im really not sure how to fix this. I have a life and schedule. I push hard, both to travel full time and to have an elite physique which does require elite effort with diet. Its exhausting, and usually by 7pm if im not tired from workin and gym im tired from eating ("itis" as they call it).

Im just not sure how to get around this guys. Its not an introvert thing needing recharging. This is simply me just not having general "good" energy going into the night. Its not low testosterone either, im on TRT and have great levels.

Sometimes if i force myself to take a nap around the afternoon i can wake up just in time with good energy for the night, but sometimes i wake up super groggy and anti-social as fuck, depending on what side of the bed i nap on figuratively speaking. its a crapshoot.

Im realizing this is holding me back from a better social life and dating life. At these events i can meet other travelers to see the city with, and hot plates.

Ive only been here for 2 weeks, but i already have some quality local Brazilian friends and a Brazilian girl wanting to date me already- weve even went raw, not that is something to brag about, but it does feel good to have a cute light skin Brazilian girl let u hit it raw on standby. So i have no trouble going to a foreign country where i dont know the language and finding friends and plates.

I JUST NEED THE ENERGY..... Anyone deal with this? Or know how to get around it?