She has been messaging me to meet up for a drink or whatever for a few months now. Have seen her a few times since but she moved down a year ago and was doing it initially but died down. She’s single now and it’s increased

I never thought anything of it but she never specified if others were coming. Wednesday she calls me for a drink but I’m not logged into messenger and miss it. Thursday she asks me if I’m down for karaoke. I say sure thinking this is group thing. Well today she says the friend had to cancel but we can still meet for a drink and asking what I’m wearing

I just feel like that’s something a guy would do.

As I said she’s a friend of a friend. And I don’t really like doing that anymore, plus she’s quite tall. I’m 5’11 and he’s easily 6’1/6’2

If she was smaller it would be tempting. I’m just wondering what to do if she puts it on me. My primal instincts would kick in to smash but shes a friend and don’t want to mess up the dynamics..and I know we won’t end up in a relationship.

Could be reading too much into this but my question is am I reading too much into this and if I’m not how to handle it if I do or don’t smash ?