We are classmates who did a lab together a few months ago. Didnt really talk much, though we had a flirty vibe with each other. Recently we have been in the same social circle together on campus. I always see one of my friends hanging out on campus and occassionally i would hang out with him and his friends. Shes one of the friends. So we all hung out together casually on campus this past weekend

She still had my number from doing a group project together. Recently she texted me out the blue

Her: Hiiii

Me: 6 hours later bc my phone died Hey XXXXX (I just wanted to see what she wanted, to see what she would follow up with)

Next morning

Her: Hi (instead got another "Hi")

Me: Good morning pet name. Whats up? (Me trying to get info on why she texted me last night)

Her: Good morning :) & heart emojis

Why does she keep texting first and not adding any conversational value? I get the impression she is shy and wants to show interest by textin first and wants me to ask her out. I also suspect that maybe she just wants attention too. She isnt showing her hand. Do I need to just ask her out since she is showing high interest in texting first and quick responses?