Long story short in the beginning, LTR and I had a bit of a rocky start. I was telling her what to Do And what not to do. Setting boundaries. Clarifying things I’m not okay with etc.

One issue that came up was that There were a few guys that texted her random mundane things and conversations that had no direction and weren’t going anywhere ( hey, hi what’s new with you, etc). I confronted her and asked who are these guys and she said that they were guys that she went to school with or her brothers friend, neighbour etc. basically people she grew up with.

Although she wasn’t the one to ever start a conversation. I told her I don’t want her messaging other guys or even replying to them. She said that I was being controlling and taking things out of context. So I told her, I don’t want you talking or giving these dudes the time of day and that the choice is hers. She blocks and removes them all.

Anyways fast forward to now. Shes never replied or messaged a dude. Is loving and affectionate. Does whatever I tell her to do and is constantly chasing my validation and affection.

Now the problem is every once in a while my brain will go into overthinking mode and I’ll randomly remember this incident or similar incidents from several months ago and I’ll get really annoyed that she could ever think that was okay to do or say once upon a time.

Im not sure if this stems from me thinking that a girl should know what’s disrespectful and that I shouldn’t have to “correct her behaviour” because that implies I negotiated with her. Or maybe it’s me convincing myself that there was a point in time that she defended the right to talk to male acquaintances and basically chose them over me, even though ultimately it’s been done with long ago.

What should I do. How do I get out of this mindset. Why does it annoy me so much that even though she’s corrected her behaviour that she once did something I really disliked. She even acknowledges that back then she was dumb and that she regrets ever doing anything to compromise our relationship or do something that I’m not pleased with. But regardless it just annoys me. Is this ocd