Edit: Shoot I think it cut off the title. Meant to say "Is there any easy way to access my city's "Are We Dating the Same Guy / Vouched Dating" facebook group.

Yea so I'm sure a lot of you are aware of these groups which are getting super popular on facebook. And as we could expect, they're turning into vendetta groups that can defame/slander men without recourse. I've never cheated or done anything real scummy with a girl before, but I know of a number of women who have been none too happy about me not wanting a relationship in my past.

I'm probably being paranoid, but I've had some things happen with girls recently which make me wonder if I'm on there lol. Other than making a fake woman's facebook account and trying to gain access myself, is there any other easy way to get a hold of the information in there? Kind of surprised someone hasn't just set something up to leak all the posts.