There's exhibit A and B in the link from personal chats of mine. One is old, and one is extremely recent. This is just a very small taste of examples between the difference in responses I get now from the kinds of responses I got way back.

I could have grabbed a more recent example of a positive response other than one from 2017, but she messaged me again recently so I just scrolled back a bit and used exhibit A as an example.

Anyway, I seem to be repelling women now, and I want to find out why. Exhibit B is generally the kind of response I get these days, and I know it has less to do with the women and more to do with me and I must know why. Not meaning to offend anyone here who is, but I promise I am genuinely not autistic or on any kind of spectrum, but the general consensus I get from women these days is that I'm either egotistical, arrogant, rude, disrespectful etc, which is fine - I always was more or less even when I was successful, but there's a key underlying difference these days that is fucking with my game and I need to pinpoint it.