She was doing some exercise on a small platform for a knee with her mom watching. Made a joke to the mom "you got the best workout partner here." That started us into convo and it was confirmed it was mom and daughter (5.5). Daughter was wearing revealing crop top, I kinda got slutty vibes. We talk about daughters injury and the PT she has to do. Basic shit, and it's a little playful. All of us are smiling. Say I gotta get back to workout.

I'm finishing what I do in this section (mom has walked off) and girl's putting weight away and I notice "SD Pedros" on her hat. I ask if it's San Diego? She says yes, and I mention I used to live there. We talk a little about the area and how she just moved out here. No real overt IOIs, but we're vibing. I ask her age and she said "17." (I myself look 19-21, but my speech ages me).

me: wow, I thought you were older

her: how old did you think I was

me: 18-19

Something else was said before I said "Real quick, what's your instagram?" She put it in and I followed her and she said "I'm shaking so bad right now?"

me: why are you shaking?

Can't remember what was said after that, but quickly concluded and said "I gotta get back to my workout, it was nice meeting you."

Went for the IG cause why not. Saw it, and she is indeed a little slutty. I figured she was nervous cause maybe tingles or social anxiety from me talking to her. She still hasn't followed me back on IG, so just unsure how to read this situation. I'm gonna unfollow now.