This sounds autistic but sheesh. Any of you guys ever see the games your girl is playing and just want to logically lay out what she is doing and why to her. I was a heavy stoner before being put on probation for drug charges. The plated I had fell in love with me due to the fact I was a completely laid back and quiet guy. I was fried 247 and would just listen to the girl ramble about her books while I worked at my desk. It was unbelievable, we spent that entire year together while we smoked weed, fucked and sat at a desk, she laid in my bed behind me just working on her books she wrote. Our entire relationship was her talking and me saying something every 30 min. She admitted one day that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with me and loved talking to me. I went into a state of shock after hearing that. 99% of our relationship was me listening to her while my mind was on another planet Everything changed when I got arrested for drug charges, i became present again due to sobriety and started talking about my issues. Her persona did a complete 180 after that and was never the same again. My mistake was laying out logically what she was doing and why to her. Like the community says, you cant logic a girl when their feeling are somewhere else, Ive been on disability due to a bike accident the last 5 years so I had a lot of emotions bottled up that came out to her. Any of you guys relate on what I'm trying to say? Had a bit too much to drink tonight and had this thought come up. Wanted to lay it out while still on my mind.