Guys,I am intrested in social dynamics psychology,but not some theory 2000 miles from earth. The best book that ever helped me is mystery method. The thing about that book that I dont like is wrong mindset,you manipulate people that you are high value and manipulate people to like you,while the red pill is actually being that.You dont have to tell "demonstration of higher value " stories because people will see because you are actually high value. However,I have to admit as someone who used to be pretty asocial and "autistic" as child it was very accurate. His tips and psychology tricks are very real and useful.I have researched that guy and basically a lot of his knowladge is gathered from field but he was also very intrested in psychology and he was researching it for years and made useful things that can be applied. Top notch achievments of psychology ,medicine and science are used on state level.

I want best of the best ,I want to understand how people work and to be able to exploit it in my gain.