Hello everyone, I was in the early stages of dating a girl I really liked her from what I’d seen, yet I never pedestalised her, literally smashed every single shit test she was so into me messaging me all day trying to get my attention the dynamic was perfect, though she was a bit insecure and would always say stuff akin to me not being open enough and basically implying that I didn’t text her enough etc but still everything was perfect.

Then one night I fucked up, did something really fucking stupid and I think I killed whatever comfort there was. The next day she’s all over me msging me but then when night comes messages me feeling like I only want her for sex and I just replied something like ‘we can talk about it in person, of course I care about you’, she responds ‘ok’

When I see her at work the day after she’s just different and we never got the chance to talk about it she rushed off without saying much. Saw her again the next day at work and she’s still sending me silly msgs and shit and I kept frame we talk a bit at work but she still felt different and not as keen now, after I left she msgs something akin to ‘I won’t be around forever if u don’t open up to me’’ we msg a bit and she says stuff like ‘I know nothing about u anytime I ask it’s always sarcastic etc’ ‘I’m not some fuck toy for you’.

It’s like is this a shit test or comfort test, I wanted to be caring giving that I fucked up pretty bad so just showed some comfort, then she’s like ‘oh feels like you got a crush on me’ I just said some cocky shit and then the following couple weeks things were just never the same between us, she’d text me stupid shit I didn’t reply as much anymore she wasn’t keen to meet up for 2 weeks. But there were a couple days where I tried being just a tiny bit sweeter cause I wanted to given that I felt guilty. She detaches more and more then sees a post on social media of me with another girl alone, then get upset and weird about it keeps bringing it up, I gave her a hug at work and told her everything’s ok, then that night tells me she wants to be friends and I just basically said ok I agree. We don’t talk as much now and I don’t see her around much but she occasionally messages me I don’t give as much attention and she’s expressed how she feels as though we don’t talk anymore and seems a bit upset about it.

Man it’s like fuck I really liked her and feel like everything was great until I was too much of an asshole on accident then she was getting different ever since day by day, did she wanna be friends from the lack of comfort or failing shit tests that I thought were comfort test. Can you recover from something like this? How?