Saw aura girl in hallway today, asked her how she's doing. Said she had a nice coat (it's an astrology one). We're talking and I go hold my hand to high five her as I was saying "good job" in response to her not being socially anxious. She's like "I'm not a touch person."

me: oh, okay.

her: yeah, I don't do that. It's more of a trust thing I have. I do that with people I really know.

This is weird because when I first met her, there was some kino of the hands. Earlier this week when she got her nails done I noticed one of em was astrological and I asked her about it. I think I touched her hand then, she said nothing. But this time she speaks up.

her: But if you like we can go somewhere to talk more

(I wasn't sure if she was meaning like the building of trust, or maybe having a therapy session of why she's this way).

I just wished her a good break and went on my way. Now I'm not really tryna game her, she has a bf. But her bf is a LGBTQ ally, fat film major who goes to a uni over 100 miles away. I'm definitely taking small steps with her while I meet other women. She's a woman and was there, so I didn't mind the practice. This convo wasn't good compared to the first one when we met, it's like she's a little withdrawn. It also wasn't ideal for us to lock in on each other in the hallway. She has her problems, oh well.

This could be random, but I'm starting to see a pattern of me approaching autistic women with social anxiety. Am I mostly approaching this demographic, or do tons of women have these kinds of problems?