Hi guys, so I was drinking with a group of people who I didn’t know, I only knew one person(the guy who invited me out).

I don’t really remember much because I kinda blacked out from too much alcohol. But what I remember is I was fighting with this guy and then it goes to the floor then someone booted me in the head and I got up and then this guy hit me right in the jaw this knocking my tooth out then I got hit again but in the head as I realized my tooth got knocked out. So at that point I ran away and spat my tooth out.

I live in a small city ~100k people and I know who it was but I’m not sure how it started or what it was over but I still want to go and find this guy and knock his teeth out.

I went to the police straight after it happened and told them and they said they couldn’t do anything even tho there was cctv where it happened but it was dark so I can understand if they didn’t find any footage. I even gave them the name of the person who threw the punch that knocked my tooth out and they couldn’t get anything.

Look I know I shouldn’t have been drinking and getting black out drunk while with people I don’t know, I’ve learned from that.

What I am asking for is some advice on how you guys would handle the situation because it feels like I can’t even talk to women at this point?