So first off I have to say that I clearly don’t have oneitis for this girl or care about her in any way. This post has a story so follow along.

I matched with this girl on Facebook dating literally two years ago.

I asked her out for coffee after building some rapport. I had asked her out for drinks beforehand but she said she didn’t drink so I offered to get coffee with her. I still have the Facebook dating chats. She said she would like to know more about me and I said, “That’s why I’m offering to meet you for coffee”.

She asked what I was looking for and I lied and said a relationship and asked what she was looking for. She said “forever” (awwwwwwww /s)

After that was through I asked if she wanted to meet that night at 1:21 PM and she didn’t respond until like 8 and said it was a little late for coffee. At the time I was a bit more angry with women and so I told her she lost her chance because she didn’t respond.

She claimed I disappeared until 8, which I didn’t because I messaged her at 1:21 and she didn’t respond until 8.

Then, as a beta, I explained that I messaged her at 1:21 and I said maybe there was a Facebook glitch. She said maybe and I said let’s text and she offered Facebook chat.

I told her my name so she could send me a Facebook request and she didn’t.

8 months later I was going through my matches and I messaged her and she complained that she isn’t into the “disappearing act”.

I told her that I sent her my name and she didn’t add me.

She said “I sent it almost a year ago”.

I told her I never got it and asked her name.

I was just trying to fuck.

She gave me her name and I added her on Facebook.

We messaged a bit and I just tried to get her on a date and she was responding but got all bitchy and said “Idk why you would expect me to just meet you when you never even communicate”.

I didn’t feel like explaining myself or pretending I cared or anything so I just gave her a “what do you want to talk about”.

She read it and didn’t respond.

She has had a boyfriend since then, which I saw because we’re friends on Facebook. Of course now she’s single because she’s an entitled whore.

The other day we matched on Bumble.

We sent a couple back and forth messages, with the second message of mine including me asking her out for drinks.

She responded with, “I’d have to know you better.. Plus I don’t really drink much”

I am annoyed with the entitlement of this whore.

As someone who once spent 6 months dreaming of a (different) girl before getting her on ONE date, then having that girl say she wasn’t ready to date after I wasted of shit ton of my time and my emotional well being “getting to know each other”, I refuse to give in to these stupid demands. That other girl didn’t even make dumb demands like this, and the other girl was way hotter.

I just want to know why this post wall whore is making such demands? Her bio says she wants kids someday, and she’s 32. I didn’t know she was that old.

I honestly feel like taking her down a peg by telling her that over 90% of her eggs are dead and that she will end up childless and alone if she thinks she can expect me to bend over backwards to get to know her before even meeting. At 32, you know how many guys this girl has fucked? Even if she only fucked guys she was in a relationship with, the fact that she was Facebook official with a guy for less than a year tells me she’s fucked too many guys to be worth anything. She’s not having my kids obviously but she is going to mess it up with guys who would potentially give her children.

I don’t even feel like gaming this girl or trying. Even in my beta time I dropped this girl and gave her attitude for being entitled, at this point I am just in awe at how retarded she is.

Edit: I sent this: “We can go to a park or something. But typically when a girl expects a guy to get to know her before a simple date, I assume that she is hiding something and wants him to get attached so he’ll overlook her flaws. Is there something wrong with you that I should know about?”