Hey guys I’m in my early 20s working out and improving myself just wanted some advice with a girl that I’ve been seeing .

She’s approximately the same age as me she’s fresh out of a relationship we’ve met up a few times made out, gotten head. I’ve known her for a while and she’s always been attracted to me won’t go into detail on the circumstances as I don’t want to share much online but very high interest girl.

She’s currently going through a lot in life and recently has texted things like ‘you only want me for a fuck’ or ‘soften up and tell me more about yourself or I won’t be around forever’.

After this had a few text conversations with her to let her know I care and she’s seeming a bit distant now, tbh I’ve been a cold asshole a lot of the time don’t talk much about myself, given minimal comfort, been a dickhead a few times accidentally, sometimes don’t text her back for days cause I didn’t feel like it.

I really like this girl and want to keep her around have something a bit deeper but not sure what to do as she seems to have pulled back a little bit not sure whether I should pull back myself and give this some space or double down and tell her I want something deeper any advice would be great thanks heaps.