Old oneitis hit me up after two years of no contact. We met for dinner at a cool place I picked and she was very giddy and flirty but I failed to escalate at all...

A little later we met up again when I invited her to see a cool abandoned bridge with me. When I picked her up she seemed tired and somewhat uninterested compared to last time. When we got close to the bridge she said we should come back another day early in the morning when there are no people nearby. Apparently she had two flag football games that morning and hardly got any sleep.

I just agreed and took her home. How could I have pressed on when she clearly wasn't having it.

Should I even reach out again? I'm trying to be cautious since I used to have a bad crush on her and don't want to give off those vibes. But she's hot so I feel like I should just try and get a clear rejection before calling it quits.

And YES I am talking to other girls!