When growing up, I was treated without any respect by my parents. They controlled me and gave me no freedom, I had to do live by their image. This led to me being a loser. My brother took it differently and became like them. Dominant. He's never been very good with women though.

Past 15 years I spent my life studying TRP and turned it around. Made new friends, plated some women. My self confidence grew. People saw me for the new me. I ditched my old friends. But not my family. With them I'm still seen as less than what I have become.

About 7 years ago I got into an LTR with a green flag girl, 1 to 2 SMV points below me. RP dad, low n-count, smart, submissive, caring. We have 1 son and a 2nd on the way. Prenup, so I don't care about financial outcome of our relationship. 6 years went by smoothly, I was her hero. It made me irrationally self confident. Passed all tests. Life was good.

Then my family asked us to go on a 1 week holiday with them (in august last year). I posted here for advice as I knew what would happen, especially with my brother who is a dick to me. 'Ditch my family'. But we went anyway. I thought I could handle it. I was wrong.

About 4 to 5 days in, I 'broke'. My brother got treated as AMOG even though he shows respect to no one. Everyone at it up but me (and the wife of my other brother, cause he doesn't respect her). I got ignored, my gf showing ioi's (or was it only in my head..).

I told her I hate being with my family as I am not respected, and my brother is treated as a god. I didn't cry, but I showed I cared. I showed how bad it made me feel. I wanted her to pick my side. I even told her in the weeks after that I know I'm not her hero anymore and that that bothers me.

Probably my gut feeling is right. She's still respectful of me, but it's not the same. I can no longer reach the illusion she had of me, the image she had of me is gone. She still says she likes me as much, but I know not to judge her by her words, but her actions. Objectively she still knows I'm a great catch, but the feelings must have dwindled

I lift. I try to suffer in silence. I still try to act as prescribed. But it's all conscious / faking. No more irrationally confident. Less happy than I was, and I probably show for it. I try not to show neediness, but neither does she (dread game etc). We have a 2nd son coming, and I'm not looking to abandon my children. If there were no children, I could end the relationship and start anew. I don't know if I'm making all of this up because I know about TRP, I'm overthinking, ...

I don't think there's anything I can do but continue on this path and hope for an occasion to prove my worth again.

Any advice?