Been plating this girl for nearly 7 months. She's always been a good plate. Low maintenance, submissive, clean, and the sex is always good. Lately I've been noticing that she's catching feelings and wants to lock me in.

She just got back from a snowboard trip with her friends (4 guys and 4 girls). She came over to my place today, and after the sex she started being a little emotional. How it bothered her that I barely text/call her anymore, and that she missed me during her trip. Truth is that I was busy, and a little bit turned off by her going on a snowboarding trip with 4 guys. But who cares, she's a plate.

She even said that during her trip, some guy asked for her number at an afterparty (probably a shit test, but I don't think she'd lie about it). She said it was kind of awkward, because she doesn't know where she stands with me. Apparently she rejected him, because she likes me, and asked me if I want to be her boyfriend. I told her she can do whatever she wants, that I'm enjoying her company, but that I'm not looking for a relationship.

Like I said, I'm not looking for anything serious, especially not with her. Even though she's always been a good plate, I can't ignore the many red flags (going on a snowboard trip and getting wasted multiple times a week, and doing this with 4 guys). I don't know what happened at her trip, nor do I care, but it got me thinking.

Is it best to cut her off now? I feel like I can still plate her, but the plate will break within 6 months. Her catching feels has made it a lot more difficult, and I'm not sure if I should continue seeing her.