I set up hiking group and get several people out first time [strangers]. I let them know me, had good time walking in nature.

Group was comprised of men, old and post wall women [good enough to plate], to have a shot at those I would have to game them [I gamed old ones as well]. Which I did [not sexually in general] but I wasn't sure how far should I go with this. It reminded me of gym situation. One can game in gym but it might have inconvenient consequences. Difference is: I do not really care about hosting hikes with women If there is no benefit as I prefer to either walk alone or with men.

I think I should build it slowly as peer group and not force it in any way.

Downside it the best hikes to build some connection are long ones so that is time consuming.

I also do dance classes that are looking good from social and confidence standpoint.

What are your thoughts?