(Sorry for my bad english)

Im a 24 year old male and I just hate it when someone would call me by something that isnt my name. Sometimes the nicknames are inocennt but sometimes just in the way some one says it, you know he is trying to get a reaction out of you.

I can mostly brush it off and not react to it, but I had a bad experiance with nicknames in highschool. I transfered schools in my second year and was a new kid in class. At the start of the year it was going okay, I wasnt really friends with my classmates but we were cool. But then one day someone calls me by a nickname and the nickname wasnt even degrading by itself, it was just the way he said it that would iritate me. Long story short in a month alomost all classmates started calling me by this nickname. I didnt really had the guts to stand up for myself. I think even if I would I would only make it worse. Instead of doing anything about it I just made sure I was rarely in the spotlight. Which meant I had almost no fun in highschool.

After highschool I got my shit together. Going to the gym regulary, traning martial arts, got some really good friends and a girlfriend. But there are some instances when someone would just call me by some nickname and I cant help it but to think that the situation from highschool days would repeat.

What would you do in such situations?