Sorry for the cringe title lol. I'm doing my best not a native speaker. LTR of two years, almost everything is ok except for some little details. My mom said to me once i should never cook for a girl. But i did it with my gf because dumbass. I stayed on her home for this weekend, everything was going excellent, amazing sex and that. I was going to leave on Monday but she said "oh stay another day please" and i was like yeah ok. It was time to eat so she went to the room and asked me to cook for her with a childish attitude (not the annoying attitude, the kinda cute childish manipulating one) so i said we can both go and cook together instead, but she said no, you do it. So i refused passively, without going to the kitchen. Until this point I did exactly what she does to me sometimes, saying go ahead I'll be there in a minute, but actually going there when the food is ready. I was kinda lazy to fight her so when she said "You make yourself your sandwich" i said "ok" but actually went upstairs and took a shower instead and prepared my stuff to go out, or leave if necessary.

I was kinda of "I'm going to ignore that" even tho she send me a entitled message saying "ru going to eat? If not, I'll put things back on the fridge". Anyway i didn't even opened the message and went downstairs and told her politely "I'm going out for a burger you wanna come with me?" She started with an attitude and putting things on the fridge so i said, you now what, I'm going home. I didn't even kissed her bye or something.

Anyway is it possible to make that girl be more submissive? Because i kinda feel like i could be an asshole and make her do what i want but i choose not to. I mean i really moderate myself but something in my veins stands out and even my voice tone changes when i do things like this and i feel good about it, but with some remorse, because everything arounds wants me to submit; the social media, the psychologists, the narrative, laws, music and fucking everything. Please help me i feel lost, when i was leaving i couldn't stop thinking about when my mom said that my dad used to left her there talking when they were having an argument (By the way my dad was not that good at doing that, he always came back to scream for her bs haha) I think, unlike him i haven't lost my cool yet. Just my voice tone changed a bit like when i talk to my lil sis when she's annoying or straight dumb. I know you're not going to read any of these and probably don't care, but i have no one else to talk about it.

What can i do to hold frame more efficiently even if i feel like I'm being an asshole when I'm doing it? Damn i feel lost sometimes i just wanted a burger and not to fight with this girl.