I think we all accept as dogma that if you are an SMV-10 "Chad" and meet 20 girls from Tinder all HB-7 and above, you can probably score nudes pretty easily.

I am divorced and in my late teens/early-20's, texting wasn't even a "thing" because cell phones back then were clunky as hell:

https://i.imgur.com/FfXcvyK.png (90's cell phone)

Earlier today I recalled a Reddit post which essentially said that if you have a place to live, a place of employment, and have enough savings to pay for your immediate living needs for 12 months -- then you are ahead of 60% of the world. (iirc, he even gave proof to back up his claim which turned out true)

Let's be honest -- if you are white and have an average job and aren't obese and can dress well, you can probably get a girlfriend that is like an HB-5 or so. My older sister is an HB-3 objectively and yet she still found a beta-husband who worked as a co-owner of a dog grooming & dog babysitting service and he also volunteered at the animal shelter. He is the nicest guy on earth (literally) and has a heart of gold. They post pics at least 3-4x per week on facebook and are always happy/laughing and smiling together.

Is there something about those of us who found the red pill who have an insatiable desire to be competitive in the dating marketplace? I know I personally would never be able to look at myself in the mirror again if I stuck my dick in a fatty. Nor even a girl more than 10 pounds overweight. In fact, my ego demands that I have "sexual access" to young, beautiful women.

TRP essentially teaches men how to improve their SMV and learn game/frame and learn to hit the gym. Do "non-competitive" men who are happy to settle in life with dating/marrying a woman that is an HB-3 just have a part of their brain missing? Or are they secretly suicidal every time during post-nut clarity and would never dare admit it, which is why we don't know about it?

The fact American culture has made so many young women fat and ugly makes it extremely competitive to have sexual access to HB-7's and above. The whole supply & demand thing is real when it comes to the "market dynamics" of young, beautiful women. That's the whole point of my question today -- due to the fact that so few men actually try to improve their body & mind to attract a beautiful partner, does receiving unsolicited nudes from an HB-7 or higher already put you in the top 10% of men? Maybe top 5% realistically?