I see in my everyday life that 'woke' ideas are being celebrated.

Since I've been consuming a lot of RP content, especially the Forums and Rollo Tomassi, it has become an integral part of my way of thinking. Even so much that I bring some of these ideas into conversations.

Now obviously I don't mention "The Red Pill" or anything like that, that would be regarded as cringe (like sigma/alpha males or whatever), unless it's a joke.

I really feel the urge sometimes to 'correct' peoples wrong views from statistical standpoints or want to mention some concepts, but I know it's not a good idea, bc. everyone is relatively woke and would make a fuss about them. Therefore I don't do it, or only when I sense it would bring something productive out of it.

In a way it would make sense to just talk woke all the time, to not stand out.

What are your thoughts about this? How do you go on about this?