Let's suppose that you wake up tomorrow and a controversial channel gets banned from youtube. Why was it banned? Was it because youtube is run by SJW's and they ban channels they disagree with? Was it because random SJW's living in their mom's basement created "faux outrage" on other platforms such as reddit to bring a lot of attention to that channel? (including mass reports?)

Let's assume the latter -- what causes millions of brainwashed SJW's living in their mom's basement to form collective groups on the internet and serve as volunteers of the democratic party and liberalism? If we assume they are selfishly motivated, what does the democratic party give them for their unpaid labor? What does "liberalism" (which is an intangible "thing") give them? (liberalism is an ideology and an ideology cannot "pay" people for spreading it unto others)

Here are two sources that hopefully communicate that Rush Limbaugh has said "Liberalism is a disease" though I'm having trouble finding him using those 4 exact words:



Moving onto Lawrence Lessig -- he wrote a book called "Rootstrikers" which attempted to find the "root cause" of corruption in the campaign finance system: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rootstrikers

Why does everyone that works in big tech (FAANG) from programmers to CEO's all drink the same "liberalism koolaid". Surely Rush Limbaugh (in his video) is wrong about ultra-smart people like Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates, right? Surely these men don't let their feelings/emotions guide their beliefs about politics. Surely they use their brains and engage in "critical thinking" right?

Before he died, I wish Rush Limbaugh left a memoir for someone like me on how to destroy liberalism (and if he wanted to create a DT-version for psychopaths only -- that would be a cool memoir also). Obviously Rush Limbaugh can't reveal the "cure" to liberalism if doing so would ruin his career and make everyone think he is one sick, demented fuck...

After all, his "brand" is too entrenched in the republican party and if Rush's legacy was extremely tainted (let's say he was a confirmed pedophile like the Jeffrey Epstein guy), then it would harm the political party which is trying to defeat liberalism.

Basically -- I see liberalism as a self-reinforcing system. If you hack 500 losers living in their basement who spend all their time mass-reporting youtube channels that hurt their liberal feelings and they unfortunately "go missing" then there will be 500 more losers to replace them. If you terrorize liberal politicians, it will just backfire and make "normal people" feel sympathy for those liberal politicians and draw more people to that side of the aisle.

Basically, I'm extremely fucking smart (albeit not as smart as Rush Limbaugh) but I honestly don't know what the "solution" is to defeating a massively powerful ideology such as liberalism.