The "No Bar Fine" bar. The girls earn their keep by fucking the owner before their shift begins. You'd normally get a $20 bar fine and then have to pay them $30 for sex, but this way you only miss out on $20 and save $10. You're still down $10 but you make that up by livestreaming video of the sex on onlyfans and drinks the guys buy when they come in for whores.

Now, you charge cheap drink rates competitive with local dive bars so guys come in regardless and hang out. Instead of having overpriced girly drinks you just charge the same for everyone. The guys all save $20 on bar fines so the girls are cheaper, the beer is cheaper, there's no pressure on the girls to sell girly drinks so the guys can just relax and take their time or sit there drinking all night if they want.

The only problem I see is that you can only have sex so many times every day with all the girls but I think if one hustles in the beginning the onlyfans revenue would be one of those exponential things where you could just hire a wingman to fill in when your cock is sore from like 8 women/day.