Rollo uses the phrase "Alpha ****s, Beta bucks." for the two sides of female hypergamy.

Since I'm very young (20), it makes more sense to work on my "alpha" side, bc. girls my age are more attracted (or aroused as Rollo says it) to that than to a "good faithful provider".

Now I don't wanna be cringe with asking "how to be alpha", but apart from lifting I don't really know what I can do to become more 'arousing'/alpha?

What are aspects a younger guy like me could work on to develope this side?

I'm asking bc. I don't wanna just learn quick-fixes for deficiencies, but to "become more".

(As I said I do lift already. And stuff like money, being on your purpose/mission are not really relevant for the alpha ****s side. Maybe stuff like utilizing the darker part of your personality, but I have no clue how to do that.)