How can I feel good with emotional investment while making sure that these AWALT hoes won't fuck me up? I mean, there were times I loved some women emotionally and it was a good feeling - I have to accept. Thinking that someone is there for you makes you feel alive BUT we know AWALT and I've proved that AWALT with my life itself and that's when I thought "Well, if I invest emotionally into these women, when we have to break up due to one reason or another, I'll feel so sad". Now that I've women to have fun with, and I am not emotionally invested but sometimes, I feel like this is a game and like its boring and it doesn't feel good. I don't know if anyone can understand this or have been through this.

I am wondering if I should really emotionally invest into one girl but to at least 3 girls. According to evolution, men especially are polygamist so I am wondering if this would work. I can't really emotionally invest in one girl again.