So as far as I know the date I went to 3-4 days ago. Went very well. She seemed happy too. And i am like a few notched above her in looks. She's also older (33yrs). We like each other's company so much that after drinks she asked me to take her to any nice bakery so she could buy me coffee and something sweet. We were together until 12:30 am and then i dropped her.

Since then she hasn't texted me once. Next day i commented on something she said the night before and she replied. We exchanged 2-3 texts and since then again 3 days have passed.

Before we went out she once didn't text me for a whole week. I had to break the ice. Although i find her ok (no wedding bells). She was at best- decent, I'd obviously love to fuck her.

What is my move here? Should I keep reaching out or follow my instinct and let this one go/leave it to god's?