a plate went home to see fam; we’ve been snapping etc etc. all fine and dandy but I was shopping at Costco. She told me she was hella into a certain kind of wine n they had it so i scoop a couple dif kinds + her fav n send her a snap.

She replies omg my fav blah blah

I say I know you told me ;)

Her next snap is her having a drink at county fair w her friends and asks what we were talking ab bc she forgot convo.

I left her on read for a bit and after an hour or so reply on snap some shit ab her drink looking cool.

She didn’t even open my snap n boom she texts me: wine night tmrw? + Blah blah chick details

I say ya I just got a bunch let’s do it

She says fuck ya. still left her on read a bit longer n she double texts saying we can even go to the bars after if I want lmao.

In this scenario it just slightly annoyed me that she “forgot” what I was talking ab so I ignored her till I got a more acceptable approach. Now she’s rearranging her original plans to get fucked more by me lol. That’s the kind of energy I love to see so Im gonna reinforce it via responding n giving attention.

Am I doing it right?