This girl I've been dating for a few months is a virgin and she started exploring her sexuality with me. We're both 18. I've fucked a few girls that were plates, ONS' etc. but I usually saw them as fuck dolls and didn't care much about making them cum.

With this girl it's different, I have actual feelings for her (not because of her being a virgin) and want to deliver. So far I've gotten two blowjobs, one of which resulted in the best orgasm that I've ever had. That shit had me feeling pins and needles in my face, no joke. Both of the times she let me cum on her face.

  1. Question: We went for a second round after she gave me a BJ, I started fingering her which she seemed to be enjoying, I tried hitting her G-spot by curving my fingers upwards (towards her stomach basically) but then she pulled my hand away. Was I trash or do girls do that when they like it? I'm really clueless as I rarely do that. What and how to improve?

  2. Question: She always says she wants me to talk to her/say something when we're getting intimate. Not just while fucking, but even while kissing and undressing each other, when she blows me or when I finger her etc. What would you suggest saying to her?

All advice is much appreciated!