my boy was supposed to be my roommate for my senior year. he ends up bitching ab his ex and decides to take all his classes online so he can live in Chicago n b closer to her (fucking rich kids). He subleased to the biggest beta of all time; some fuckin Chick-fil-A level nice ginger kid who’s voice literally sounds like he grew up on the North Pole as one of Santa’s little helpers. Kid doesn’t fuck at all; body count of maybe like 2 or 3 and he’s ab to graduate fucking college.

I went to the bars by myself and came back with some premium AAA pussy and ofc she has insanely hot friends (birds of a feather flock together). One of them (also one of her roommates) is an ig model w like 80k followers and I really would like to rail her guts out next.

It should be pretty easy as:

1) ig model already watched me going down on her roommate and I was making the blonde sing like a bird

2) blonde spilled all the tea about how good I fucked her and the sheer volume of how much nut I busted on her.

3) ig model announces on ft (while I’m there) that she’s breaking up w her boyfriend.

there’s no chance in fuck ig model isn’t at least a lil curious so I really wanna rail.

They have even more hot friends to go around... to which I said he’s more than welcome to help himself to. I tell my boy ab ig model and now he feels entitled to shoot his shot on ig model after I already called dibs and did all the legwork on pulling these damn whores in the first place.

am I being a prick not wanting to share? Or should I share n just settle to keep railing blonde?