When I was 4 years old, I didn't really like girls and I found my boys to be better to play with and I think even if I never hated girls, I never had any love for them either. Around 9 to 12, I had a superiority complex that men are better in literally everything. Anyway, around 13-15, I started supporting/caring women. I think its due to bluepill fantasy that media fed me. I used to remember that I'd get a boner from a beautiful girl. In the movie/series/media this beautiful girl and the guy goes through a series of events. They are just beautiful things and I just wanted to recreate those beautiful moments. 18 years old, I was still blinded by this curtain of lies.

The problem was those events were not just false but quite opposite to the reality. If those guys showed that women can't love men like men wanted to be loved and if they explained women's hypergamous nature, solipsism and how chads get lots of pussy and how successful men becomes really successful. My life would have been different! May be your life too. These guys shows women as romantic angels who'd do anything to be with their man when they women are not romantic but pragmatic creatures who'd love you for what you can make them feel at the moment.

What's the real reason why media is feeding a lie to the men? Are we missing something here?