TL;DR Potential plate said that I’m angry with her for soft next-ing her. Why?

Hi, I’ve been a lurker for the past two years and I have not yet encountered a situation like this before - please help me understand.

I’m currently vetting 3 plates (yes, I’ve had sex with them multiple times already) and there’s a girl who I was planning on adding to my rotation. We made out and there was a lot of KINO but suddenly, I just got turned off.

When we were dancing in the club, I was rejecting her escalations - she would ask me to make out, grind, etc. So she’s had enough and then she dipped.

Fast forward to 3 weeks, my guy friend was inviting her again and then she asked if I was going to be there. When he said yes, she said she’ll pass since she said that “I think redoktober13 is mad at me.”

This baffles me as to why and how. Was it because I soft nexted her? I was still interested it’s just that I got turned off that night.

EDIT: Bear in mind that she says that what happens in the night, stays in that night. So even after all her out of town trips, she was still butthurt about me. I know it’s watch what she is doing and don’t go by her words but yeah, baffling.